Create value

SpinInvest is an independent venture capital and acquisition company. Our purpose is to seek and help start-up and early-stage companies with high growth potential to develop, to grow meaningful and to create value for a wider public or for a country as well. Our role play is to invest in promising businesses in the technology, the media and the education industries.

We view business building as an opportunity to create value, make a difference and change the world. "If not, why bother?" We are ready to take to help our portfolio companies to develop, to grow meaningful and to win.

We are proud to break the rules, and love shaking things up. We have a passion and know how to build successful companies from the ground up. While others are over-analyzing, we are busy doing.

We are creative business builders, not money managers. We have a different approach. We're looking for investment opportunities in the following sectors: internet, digital media, education, direct-to-consumer, social media, e-commerce, software and hospitality.

We can’t wait to hear how you plan.

If you are interested in sharing your idea, send us your application.

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