Have a great idea?

Creators. Dreamers. Doers. Fresh thinkers. Risk-taking freedom-fighters. We would like to hear about your burning desire to solve customer problems and make the world a better place. If you are on fire with passion, have a whatever-it-takes commitment, and don’t mind laughing at yourself, we’re ready to help you launch your dream. We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with you. Together, we can build great things, learn, grow and create value.

We’re excited to hear your idea for a breakaway company that can create value, make a difference and change the world!

01 - The Business

Clearly written description of the business. Make sure to include:

  • What it is
  • Who it serves
  • The need it solves
  • Who are the competitors? Who is doing something similar now and how are you different?
  • What are the three biggest challenges / obstacles to the business?
  • Any info you can share about the specific industry you are targeting (market size, growth trends, etc.)

02 - You/Your Team

  • Brief bios on you and your key team members
  • Anything you want to share on why you are the right team and/or what other slots you need to fill

03 - The Deal

  • Financial model
  • Quarterly revenue and expenses for 24 months
  • Startup costs and timing
  • Unit economics
  • Cash-flow forecast through breakeven
  • Overall capital needs
  • How much you are hoping to raise now, and at what valuation
  • How much you have raised to date and from whom

Interested in sharing your idea? Send us your application!

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